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Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin R&R&R: Rest, Relaxation, & Racing

Uploaded By: KAUFMAN LEN. Added on: 30 October 2012.
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This is a video that I shot in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, in September, 2011. It's a pleasant place to be, with a clean, clear lake, ideal for fishing, small boats, and other water sports.

There is a rich culinary culture in Elkhart, with much of what's in the pot, locally grown.

Most of the video was shot in 1440 x1080 29.97 with a Canon XLH1 and their 6x wide angle lens. The go cart closeup sequence was shot using a GoPro camera, mounted on my helmet. Processing was begun in Sony Vegas Pro 10 and finished in Sony Vegas Pro 11. The video was then compressed for web use in Sorenson Squeeze 7. Narration was done on a Zoom H4n.

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