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Kerrick James PENTAXIAN Video


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Uploaded By: JAMES KERRICK. Added on: 25 August 2012.
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"Having grown up with cameras, I've always been drawn to photography. From the moment I picked up my first PENTAX camera in high school, I knew I wanted to be published. I've been fortunate enough to carry out this dream, cover the globe, and have my photos featured on more than 80 magazine covers. Photography is an endless challenge, and an addiction.

The essence of what I love about photography is how people energize a landscape. I'll do just about anything from hanging from a rock formation to riding a train's high rail to catch the perfect moment when an individual illuminates a space and truly activates the landscape. It's euphoric and leaves me wanting more, which is why I will be doing this until the day I die." - Kerrick James

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