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Host FAQ


Q. How are TJG members selected for a trip?
A. Selection is based on a lottery if there is over sign-up, and that is further affected by members using trip credits for having originated a trip.

Q. How is trip eligibility determined?
A. TJG has strict internal guidelines to determine eligibility based on the numbers of placements generated from past trips.

Q. How many members go on each trip?
A. We like to offer our trips to 10 or more members, but the host sets the final number.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of photographers who are allowed on a trip?
A. Our bylaws restrict those who are exclusively photographers to 20% of our membership. Therefore, although we do not set a limit, a typical signup group will include two or three photographers. This is a good thing. TJG boasts some of the most elite travel photographers working in America today.

Q. What production can I expect from photographers?
A. With the emergence of the super photo stock agency, most travel magazines are giving out very few picture assignments these days. However, since the vast majority of our TJG photographers are represented by the top agencies, including Getty, Corbis, and Alamy, it is likely that our photographers' fresh updated images of your destination reach a large number of publications worldwide within a matter of months of a TJG trip. In the span of a year, a TJG photographer on our Tunisia trip sold 40 images in 25 different publications. Another photographer who had traveled with TJG to Sweden sold over 50 photographs within a year.

Q. Would my destination be able to purchase imagery by your photographers at a reasonable rate?
A. Absolutely. This arrangement has been made with our photographers on several occasions. You can even ask for specific things to be shot, giving your organization, in essence a photo shoot on speculation from photographers who've done work for National Geographic and Travel & Leisure.

Q. What is the trip sign-up procedure?
A. The TJG Executive Secretary works with the host to design a sign- up sheet for each individual trip. This document contains personal and trip information that the host needs to make the travel arrangements.

Q. What is the usual length of a trip?
A. The length of a trip depends upon the type of destination, the time it takes to reach the destination and what is to be covered. Trips last anywhere from five to 15 days. If open-end tickets are provided, members who stay beyond the official trip dates pay their own expenses.

Q. What expenses do you expect to be covered?
A. We are accustomed to having hosts provide airfare, accommodations, ground transportation and most meals.

Q. What about other expenses?
A. Our members take care of any personal expenses and drinks that they consume outside of official functions.

Q. What makes TJG different from other travel groups?
A. There are several things. We are a relatively small group of professionals. Our Computerized Media Report tracks results from each trip. We also charge our members a small fee for each trip. This fee is used for tips that are not covered by the host. Tip money not used is added to the TJG gift to a local charity selected by the host.

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